Missional Communities and Discipleship Workshop

There is a wave of interest about the current missional movement

that has been bubbling up over the last 10-15 years.

Unless we are able to disciple people well, any missional movement is unsustainable.

In these workshops the team will share how over the last 20 years, 3dm have learned to use Huddles(a discipleship vehicle) and Missional Communities(a missional vehicle) to see discipleship and mission come alive in church communities in the UK,Europe, the USA, and increasingly in Australia and New Zealand.

The workshop will have teaching, discussion, breakout time with your team, worship,networking, the chance to actually experience Huddles and hear the key principles of Missional Communities. With social time built in, it will be a great way to build relationship as well as get input from the team.

When are Workshops Held?

  • We organise workshops whenever we bring out 3dm experts for Learning Communities once or twice a year.
  • We also organise workshops led by local practitioners at other times during the year.

If you are interested in attending or hosting a workshop, please contact us through the contacts page.

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