Learning Communities

What is a learning community?

A Learning Community is a 2 year process for churches that helps them develop a discipling culture, raise missional leaders and launch missional communities. The process includes 3 day intensives every 6 months and fortnightly coaching for the senior leader (in a group conference call, skype or google hangout)

Is a 2 year Learning Community just a bunch of conferences?

Put simply, no.

While there is nothing wrong with conferences, the famous speaker with the great story on the main stage isn’t going to come down and walk with you week by week, month by month, as you go to the places God is calling your community. Often, the outcome is that people go away with many pages of notes and good ideas but without having had the chance to reflect, discuss, plan and decide how to implement what has been learned.

A Learning Community, on the other hand, is a series of 3-day intensives over 2 years with a team of 3-7 people from your church that incorporates main stage teaching and input with tactical training, expert coaching, and a chance to experience Missional Communities and Huddles. This all concludes with the creation of a six month plan that your team creates for your local ministry context. We recognise that every church leader and city is different and your plan needs to reflect those nuances.

These immersion experiences happen every six months, with four gatherings over a two year period. In addition, there is regular coaching on a Huddle conference-call for the Senior Leader.

This might sound like a significant investment of time over a two year period. It is. If it were possible to impart the skills, tools and vehicles necessary to achieve everything God is calling you to with a smaller investment of time, we’€™d do that. But after working with nearly a thousand churches in the United States, Europe, Australia and beyond, we know there is no short-circuiting the process.

Where are they held?

There are currently Learning Communities running in Launceston , Perth, Melbourne and  Wellington (New Zealand).

We are looking to start new Learning Communities in cities across Australia and New Zealand based on interest and demand.

If you are interested, or would like to further information please contact us.

Participation and Cost

The Learning Community has two components:

  1. Three day intensives held every 6 months
  2. A Fortnightly coaching huddle for the team leader (this is vital support for the team leader as they seek to implement plans they have made at each conference)

It is recommended that churches bring a team of at least 3 people to each of the intensives. This is vital for group work, discussion, and making specific plans for your church.

There are two components to the price:

  1. $300/person for each 3 day intensive including catering.
  2. $600 for six months of coaching for the team leader
Team Size Cost per Immersion (with coaching) Monthly  direct debit
3 $1,500 $250
4 $1,800 $300
5 $2,100 $350
For additional team members the intensive price is $240/person
6 $2,340 $390
7 $2,580 $430

5% discounts are available for Annual payments


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